When designing our home we were looking for a water heating system that not only was able to supply domestic hot water but to have the ability to do multiple other functions as well. Being in a rural situation we quickly settled on the Marshall option. This option gave us the ability to not only heat domestic hot water but also run our underfloor heating, heat the spa and we even put in a heat exchanger to add some heated water into the pool.

I’m pleased to say that after 12 years we have not had to use our back up LPG gas infinity system once. The Marshall has been a constant source of hot water which has kept us with our family of eight needs! The supply of good dry wood is so important and because we run a building business we have managed to meet this requirement over the 12 years. In the summer months we heat the water once every two days, every day in the winter / shoulder seasons. I’m very happy with our decision as are our teenagers with their long showers.

Wayne Bishop