Our heaters are being used all over New Zealand
to minimise cost and maximise heat and comfort.


When it comes to winter warmth, our customers are converts to Marshall Heater performance:

  • We have installed a Split System Heater that heats 509 litres of water from 12 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees in 45 minutes burning dry wood.
  • Another model produces over 50 kilowatts burning dry wood.
  • A thermostatically controlled diesel burner will heat a 1025 litre Integral Heater from 12 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius in 1 1/4 hours.
  • You can save up to 60% off their power account.

    Our heaters are ideal for customers off the National Grid enjoying the freedom and flexibility.

    Consider connecting underfloor heating or radiators and your Marshall heater will offer an affordable way of central heating your home or workplace – far superior cost efficient means of heating water over electricity.

    Integral Water Heater


    The Marshall Integral Water Heater & Marshall Split System Water Heater firebox is large and enables you to burn good sized logs providing an abundance of hot water. Offering heaters from 273 to 1025 litres, Marshall Heaters will heat any building and to cater to your family or business needs.

    System Water Heater


    Make the most of your heating with a Marshall Split System Multifuel Heater, cylinder and solar panel taking care of your hot water needs all year round. Both Integral and Split System Heaters are compatible with Solar and Photo Voltaic Panels and do not require an extra cylinder for the solar – mains pressure domestic water if required.

    Solar panels should produce enough energy for your domestic water during the summer and if you should have an overcast day you fire up the Marshall Heater to bring the water up to required temperature.

    Solar and Photovoltaic
    Dairy Shed Split System Heater


    As conscientious farmers know, the only way to guarantee top grades are with spotlessly clean milking machines, lines and vats.  Whether it be Jetta or Reverse Flow, you will have hot water left to clean the vat and improve your grades.

    Our Marshall Heaters will heat water from 14 to 80º, with a Marshall Split System Heater:

    • 1291L in 2 hours burning wood
    • 1291L in 45-60min to heat tank to 80 degrees is used for a hot wash twice daily and washes the vat  – 72000L of water = 800L of diesel per month!
    • 1613L in 2 hours burning diesel
    • 1025L in 1 hour burning diesel

    Or, a Marshall Integral Storage Heater:

    • 730L Heater fired by wood only is used for a hot wash twice daily. The client lights the heater ½ hour before he finishes milking, washes a 900L vat and still has surplus hot water.

    central heating

    Affordable, comfortable home heating – why be cold in winter when we can keep you warm.

    • Offering Underfloor and/or Radiator Heating.
    • Gentle radiant heat.
    • Silent and user friendly.
    • Dry and Healthy.
    • Kitset option available (underfloor only)

    A Hydronic (Heat transfer by the flow of warm water) Engineer is involved in all our under floor heating projects from concept and design through to materials and supply; with either full installation or kitset options available.


    Our engineer has been involved since 2001, is involved in the project from concept to installation and has developed a successful under floor system to match the features of the Marshall Water Heater.

    This effectively turns the concrete floor into a giant radiator, transforming your house or business premises into a comfortable, healthy, dry environment all through the colder months of the year.​

    With only water flowing though the pipes, the system is totally air passive, making radiator and underfloor heating an especially good form of heating for asthmatic, allergy suffers or others who are respiratory compromised.​

    Under Floor Heating

    under floor heating

    Summer inside during winter – effective heating for small to large homes and large buildings. Marshall Heaters provide warm and inviting heat in every room, increasing comfort and making a healthier, dryer environment.

    Hydronic radiant heating uses hot water distributed through a closed balanced piping network usually embedded in the floor, to warm the floor surface.  This effectively turns it into a radiant panel.  In this way uniform heat is continually and quietly directed where it is needed most –in the lower region of the floor, warming the occupants from the floor up.

    Each room has its own individually adjustable circuit, except the larger living areas which tend to have multiple circuits to enable the heat to be balanced across the room.  There are no joins in the pipe within the slab.  All circuits begin and end at the control manifold, which would be ideally located in a central location and connected to your Marshall Heater. Kitset option available for D.I.Yers.


    Ideal for new builds or renovations – effective heating for small to large homes, homesteads and villas.
    Marshall Heaters feed hot water to radiators through a pipe system to gently radiate warm air into the room, heating the air and occupants without drafts.

    Room surfaces are warm to touch and, as humidity levels are more easily controlled, the rooms are free from damp and hence free from airborne allergens and dust creating a much healthier environment. Radiators can be fashioned into custom made towel rails for bathroom and other wet areas.

    Radiator Heating

    swimming pool AND spa heaters

    Maximise your investment – extend your swimming season with high performance and low running costs

    It is possible to raise your pool temperature from 14 degrees to around 28 degrees Celsius in around 12 to 20 hours in an average sized swimming pool using solid fuel.  Similarly, a spa pool will take 1 hour to raise the temperature from 14 degrees to 38 degrees and around 20 minutes to recover the lost heat the next day.

    Installed examples fuelled with diesel*:

    53,000L – ROC Model 6 Marshall Pool heater take 6 hours 20 minutes to raise the temperature from 15 degrees to 30 degrees C with the pool covered.  The diesel burner runs 20 minutes per day to maintain the 30 degrees.

    80,000L – ROC Model 6 Marshall Pool heater maintains the pool temperature at 30 degrees C.  The children of the family were able to swim in 30 degree water when it was 16 degrees C outside in May.  Fuelled by a thermostatically controlled diesel burner.

    150,000L – ROC Model 6 Marshall Pool heater takes 10 hours to raise the temperature from 6 degrees to 38 when the outside temperature was 2 degrees.  The pool loses approx. 2-3 degrees per day. Fuelled by a thermostatically controlled diesel burner.

    *Conditions apply – the heater model and diesel burner combination including variations are due to the Kw output that is required in each situation.