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Marshall Heaters and Marshall-Henry Water Heaters provide custom made water heater solutions – individually designed for your application and requirements –  residential or commercial, new build or renovation, on or off the grid. 

Central Heating


Water Heating

Looking for a water heater? Our water heaters range in size from 273 to 1025 litres and will heat any building and to cater to your family’s or business needs. 

Consider connecting underfloor heating or radiators and your Marshall heater will offer an affordable way of central heating your home or workplace – far superior cost efficient means of heating water over electricity.


Central Heating

Summer inside your home or business during winter. Affordable, comfortable heating – why be cold in winter when a Marshall Water Heater can keep you warm.

Underfloor and/or Radiator Heating providing

  • Gentle radiant heat
  • Silent and user friendly
  • Warm and cosy
  • Dry and healthy

Swimming and Spa Pool Heating

Maximise your swimming season, maximise your investment.

With water heater solutions to heat your pool, we offer high performance and low running costs.





We have the water heater solution for you.

Homestead with Marshall Multi Fuel Split System Water Heater

Fuelled by  wood, multi-fuel, coal or oil with a thermostatically controlled burner. We have a 425 square metre two story homestead in the Wairarapa that needed heating efficiently, but didn’t know what to do.  The team at Marshall Heaters came for a site visit and recommended a Marshall Split System with wall mounted radiators.  The system they designed enabled us to run on firewood, coal or diesel.  There was no hard selling, just good advice.  They even assisted with recommending the right...

Lifestyle fuelled by wood

When designing our home we were looking for a water heating system that not only was able to supply domestic hot water but to have the ability to do multiple other functions as well. Being in a rural situation we quickly settled on the Marshall option. This option gave us the ability to not only heat domestic hot water but also run our underfloor heating, heat the spa and we even put in a heat exchanger to add some heated water into the pool. I’m pleased...

Woolshed Conversion heated by Marshall Water Heater

Our Marshall Water Heater system heats our huge woolshed conversion to perfection. The calculations about the size and number of radiators needed were bang on. The whole system is fit for purpose. We also appreciated that you checked in with our plumber and gave advice to the electrician. Your follow up epitomizes “good service”. We have, and will continue to recommend our product and service. Ange & Felicity

Our Spa Pool Water Heater is just out of this world!

Marshall Water Heater for Spa Pool One stoke with six bits of wood, damper full on, no additional stoking and in an hour we have 800L of hot water. Just magic. Steve & Gayelle

Off the grid fuelled by Marshall Water Heater

198 square metre home. We would thoroughly recommend Marshall Heaters. We installed one in our award-winning eco house which is totally off the grid and is made of 96% glass. We connected the fantastic Marshall Heaster to our solar hot water panels for all hours water, so we do not have to do anything most days to get free hot water. When it is overcast then we can light the Marshall and within 20 minutes we have hot water. We also connected it to our underfloor heating for off the grid...

1920’s Farm House Transformation by Marshall Water Heater

Installing a Marshall Heater totally transformed the sprawling 1920’s farmhouse we live in near Havelock North. As third generation caretakers of the family homestead, as a child, I remember the efforts my grandparents and later my parents went to, year in year out, trying to warm the house in winter.  It was built with six fireplaces but all but two fell by the wayside.  Next came the electric heaters, then eventually heat pumps. None did the job.  The house was still cold.  Some bedrooms...


Marshall Water Heater solutions are the benchmark for multi-fuel, solid fuel, diesel or dual-fuel water heaters burning solid fuel or diesel, and our service is second to none.

There have been many imitators but there is still only one ORIGINAL MARSHALL WATER HEATER – a proven performer capable of heating 504L to 80º in 45 minutes, burning wood.

  • Unlimited hot water*
  • Slash your power account– up to 60% savings
  • A Healthy home or business
  • Central home heating
  • Air dries clothes
  • Heat your spa or pool
  • Mains pressure (if required)
  • Solar Panel and Photo Voltaic options available
  • 100% NZ owned and operated

*Provided the heater is fuelled accordingly


We can help you with a 100% New Zealand owned and manufactured water heater

Applications for a Marshall Water Heater

You will find Marshall Heaters and Marshall-Henry Water Heaters through out New Zealand and the South Pacific in:

  • New and renovated homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • On or off the grid
  • And in a huge array of applications including:

Back Packers

Dairy Sheds

New Builds

Home Stays

Swimming Pools

Residential Buildings

Pack Houses

Camping Grounds


Shearing quarters

Outdoor Retreats



Commercial Buildings


Holiday homes

Sport Complexes



Beach and Bush Bach’s

School Camp Complexes

Off the Grid




Cheese Makers

Glass Houses

Spa Pools

Packing Sheds


Religious Retreats

Our Water Heater burns multifuel, wood, coal or diesel

Marshall Heaters is dedicated solely to designing and manufacturing custom made efficient non-electric hot water heaters and has developed and improved the extremely successful Split System Water Heater and Integral Water Heater.  These systems have proved successful in the face of increasing electricity costs.  We have models available that have a tested output of 40 and 50 kilowatts burning wood and are compatible with also Solar and Photovoltaic Panels.

  • Marshall Water Heater Multi Fuel (Coal)
  • Solid Fuel (Wood)
  • Diesel Burner (Fully Automatic thermostatically controlled)
  • Dual Fuel (The heater will burn either solid fuel or diesel)